Working with HET – Part 2

by Tanya Issar, intern

HET a social enterprise focuses on social causes covering projects like “Stop Forest Fire”. Since its inception several initiatives were undertaken to generate awareness about the hazards of “Forest Fire”. After joining as intern in the HET, the first project that I started is preparing a leaflet with co-worker Poonam for the school kids. The leaflet caters to school children.

As part of various activities undertaken by HET for generating awareness, our team goes to school and make presentations, distributes leaflets, teach children importance of forest, engage them in various activities like quiz, competitions and break down the myths attached to burning of forest. Once talking to a kid of a nearby village, he mentioned that the forest fire can lead to good rainfall. When I further asked him about why you think so he said my amma says so. That moment hit me, why generating awareness about conservation of forest is important. Thus, in the leaflet, we have tried to cover the consequences of intentional forest fire.

We have also focused on the alternative sources of income by which we will try to restrict burning of forest which they are used to doing for their livelihood. Our organization has a come up with various noble ideas for the livelihood of the inhabitants in nearby villages such as giving free training to local in preparing jam, chutney and felted wool products.

The second project that our team has started on is preparing a video clip for the generating awareness about negative impact of forest fire. We have hired local artists to prepare a video clip on “Stop Forest Fire”. This project will cover two objectives of our organization- empower local artist and by creating a video in their own Pahari language will reach out to more number of people.

Lastly our team is also in process of developing nukkad natak (Street Play). Nukkad natak is a very strong art form to reach out to people. It has a very strong impact on people. Thus, our team has started preparing a small play talking about the current issue of Himalayas.

Other minor projects that, I am covering is interviewing the corporate society members of HET. The interview focuses on getting a better understanding about the working of corporate society, suggestion from the members for the improvement of corporate society and to understand how their livelihood has changed after joining HET as a corporate society member. Corporate Society is great initiative to empower the local community through whom HET will have a wider audience and reach. HET helps corporate society in marketing the organization and the business of HET which in return is profitable for the local community.

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