Conservation of the Himalayan nature

Our never ending endeavors are to protect our natural resources and its ecosystem while minimizing the negative impacts.

Protecting the forests from the fires, developing Eco-friendly products, educating the local community, and creating awareness among school children are our initiatives towards conservation. We believe that its our responsibility to conserve the environment by minimizing the negative impacts as well as contributing to its preservation.

The Himalayan flora and fauna is unique and diverse and currently under a serious threat, the alpine mountains and its ecosystem is being exploited by many for various reasons. And if this continues our future generations won’t be able to enjoy these wonders of nature, that is why we work hand in hand to protect the green Himalayas.

Conservation does not only happen with the nature, but also with its people. Himalayan Ecotourism also focuses on making the local community self sufficient and innovative. Building Eco-friendly stoves which minimizes usage of firewood and causes less pollution was one project, and forming women self-help groups to manufacture and sell different products which supports the women economically as well. This allows the local community to be self sufficient and together we protect the natural Himalayan grandeur.

  • To Wake Buddhi – A film to raise awareness of the villagers around the Great Himalayan National Park, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh about the need to shift to a more sustainable way of using their forests.