The Cooperative

Our aim behind developing the cooperative society was to generate formal employment for the local communities, ensure fair allocation of business among them, and show all of the stakeholders the path sustainable growth. Along with that, we also came up with a business model that would discourage individualistic behaviours and promote collective growth. All in all, we provide fertile soil for the seed of sustainable development to germinate and grow.

Since we observed that all the villagers that we approached were more or less of the same background, most of whom were involved in the trekking business in the same area as well, we figured that bringing them all together in a cooperative society to foster collective growth would benefit the majority.

The society was registered on the 2nd of July 2014, shortly after the GHNP was nominated as a Wold Heritage site by the UNESCO. 65 members have joined. The Society was given the name of “The GHNP Community-based Ecotourism Cooperative”.

These members of the cooperative society are the same people who take our customers on treks or for any other activity organized by Himalayan Ecotourism and they all are shareholders in the cooperative. For each trek that we organize, there is a percentage of the income that goes directly to the capital of the cooperative. Hence, they ensure each and every one of our customers are treated with absolute care as they are clients of a company owned by them.

Unlike most tourism operators, our business structure is not pyramidal or hierarchical. Each member is a partner and a shareholder. Our local staff are all members of the cooperative that we proudly promote.

To know more about the fascinating stories and pitfalls of empowering our local communities, read the articles hereafter.

The onset of the “GHNP Community-based Ecotourism Cooperative Society”.