Somdatta Chatterjee

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Meeting Janisha is one thing that I’ll always be grateful to life for..
Frankly speaking, I’ve never seen a more perceptive, empathetic and mature 7 years old!
Ever-so- keen to help and ensure that her guests are comfortable, to the best of her ability (and sometimes to even greater lengths), I can vouch for the fact that she’s the sweetest being you’d ever come across! ❤️
Right from helping me climb stairs at her home, to accompanying me on the rocky hill slopes of Tirthan valley, she was there with me through it all, silently trying her best to make things easier. She also made a garland for me out of some flowers she had picked from the riverside! 🙂 She wanted to dress me like a princess!
I fall short of words to explain how loved I felt in the company of this beautiful little girl :’)
I was humbled by her ability to connect with Nature at such an intimate level and seek comfort in its solitude, from such a young age.
On Day 2 of our stay, we went for a walk late afternoon and there was a ditch in our path which we had to cross to get back on even terrain…I remember taking unsure hesitant steps and what this sweetheart did next almost moved me to tears :
Without a word she rushes to the garage, comes back with a couple of wooden planks, and not only places them perfectly over the ditch but also walks over it herself, to make sure it’s firm enough for me to cross over! :””)
I still have no idea what I have ever done in life to deserve such a pure form of affection.
The day we were leaving, I notice her gaze fixed on me, at the breakfast table..I smile..and she shyly whispers to me, “You are so beautiful” 🙂
Trust me, that was the cutest thing I heard, and undoubtedly the most genuine compliment I’ve EVER received!
Thankyou Janisha, for redefining Love for me.. You’re a soul perhaps too precious for the world! ❤️
You’re already doing great, baby girl! Keep Rocking 🙂