Himalayan Ecotourism

A unique concept and initiative in the Himalayas

Himalayan Ecotourism connects travelers, volunteers, interns and researchers with local communities in the Western Himalayas. We are nature lovers who believe that the grassroot people, especially the women folk, need to be re-empowered in order to tie humankind and mother Earth again in a symbiotic relationship.

Himalayan Ecotourism organizes tours and nature-centered activities in the Western Himalayas. We can take you anywhere in the Western Himalayas :¬†Ladakh, Spiti¬†or to the “Green Himalayas”, but we have our roots in the Great Himalayan National Park area – Tirthan valley, Himachal Pradesh where we function as a social enterprise. This is our business and we do it very well !

Traveling with Himalayan Ecotourism is something different. We have developed a unique way to trigger a change, joyfully, bringing people from various horizons, with different cultures, but with the same willpower to ensure a bright future to every forms of life.

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