The people of Himalayan Ecotourism


“Himalayan Ecotourism is nothing more than people coming together to enjoy today and, in the process, ensuring we can still enjoy tomorrow, in the Himalayas.”

These people include

  • Our cooperative and founder members. Their purpose is conservation of the Himalayas in an economically sustainable way.
  • Our guests, without whom nothing would be possible. Enjoying the Himalayas in an eco-friendly fashion while supporting our efforts is what makes them so precious.
  • Our interns, volunteers & researchers who are willing to learn from a social enterprise and, in the same time, want to help us achieving our objectives.
  • Our donors. From around the world they support our cause and wish to see a positive change.
  • And our other like-minded friends and patrons who extend their unconditional support toward us.

The list of our former interns, volunteers and researchers can be found here.

A big thanks to all of you for being with us.

Some stories from the people of Himalayan Ecotourism